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An American Minute: The Carlyle House

We're happy to introduce a new video series for our Tour Alexandria 360 channel: An American Minute! Our hope is to bring you an interactive 360-degree experience to learn about history from all over Alexandria. These quick videos will help you discover just how many in-person brushes with history you're able to experience in Old Town so you can take a sneak peek and plan your next adventure!

American Flag: An American Minute Video Series
An American Minute by Tour Alexandria 360

Alexandria is overflowing with historic American moments and The Carlyle House is the site of many of those stories. The Carlyle House mansion was built in 1753 by one of the founders of Alexandria, John Carlyle. In this episode of An American Minute, Susan Hellman, the Director and Historic Site Manager of The Carlyle House, gives us a sneak peek of the most important room in the mansion -- the Dining Room -- a room that is frozen in time and historically preserved to the highest degree (including the furniture)!

This is a quick glimpse inside -- there's so much more to see when you visit The Carlyle House Museum to have the full experience. Learn more about how to take a tour or enjoy one of the many special events at The Carlyle House website!

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