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The Bunny Man Returns: Part 1

The Bunny Man Legend: Creepy Man in Bunny Suit
The Bunny Man Legend: Is the Bunny Man Back?

It's Halloween all month long at Alexandria Colonial Tours!

What better time to celebrate the scary legends of the area? One of the most popular is the legend of The Bunny Man and The Bunny Man Bridge in Fairfax County, Virginia.

As one version of the legend goes, while conducting a bus transfer from an asylum prison, there was an accident and the bus crashed. Mostly everyone died, and of those who escaped, all but one person was found. After the escape, residents and police alike began finding mutilated, skinned rabbits hanging from the Colchester Road Bridge, known today as the Bunny Man Bridge, in Clifton, Virginia. For decades, many strange occurrences and tales have surfaced with some relation to this origin story.

One of the most popular urban legends is that on Halloween night, several teens were hanging out under the bridge. At midnight, they were attacked and the next day, they were found hanging from the bridge, gutted just like the Bunny Man's rabbits. To this day, it’s said that if you're under the Bunny Man Bridge at midnight on Halloween, you too will become a victim of this sinister, costumed killer.

It's been a while since the last Bunny Man horror story, so it's thought he's no more. Or is he? Will the Bunny Man return this Halloween? Check out our Virtual Reality, 360-Degree Video of The Bunny Man Legend. This is Part 1 of 5, so stay tuned for the entire story throughout this Halloween month!

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