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The Bunny Man Returns: Part 2

Creepy photo of a person in a bunny suit
The Bunny Man | Virginia Urban Legend

The Bunny Man Returns: Part 2 takes place in the frightening underpass known as The Bunny Man Bridge.

The legend of this bridge is so popular, but has it been debunked?

The very first trace of the legend was the asylum bus transfer tale we shared in The Bunny Man Returns: Part 1. However, historians researched and discovered a few details that completely shattered the story. For starters, there was no asylum in or around Clifton, Virginia in 1904, when the story was said to have happened. Also, 1904 was a bit early for bus transportation to be commonplace. It seems that this often cited turn-of-the-century explanation has no basis in fact.

If you're sighing in relief, not so fast! It turns out there may be some truth to this tale from a time in the not-too-distant past -- only forty years ago. Next week, we'll explore the documented scary stories that make this legend something to fear.

For now, enjoy The Bunny Man Returns: Part 2!

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