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The Bunny Man Returns: Part 3

Person in scary bunny suit from the bunny man legend
Is the Bunny Man back in Virginia this Halloween?

One of the most famous, and true incidents, of an alleged Bunny Man figure committing a crime was in 1970 in Fairfax County, Virginia.

Police records show that on October 19, 1970, US Air Force Academy Cadet Robert Bennett reported that he and his fiancee were parked on the side of Guinea Road in Burke, Virginia around midnight when they both noticed movement behind the car. As they were looking to the back, their front windshield was shattered and before them stood a man dressed in what looked like a bunny suit screaming at them for trespassing. The couple hurried away with their broken windshield. It was only after they made it away they discovered a hatchet in the backseat. Little did they know at the time, this mad man had actually thrown a dangerous weapon at them.

Actual Hatchet Used by the Bunny Man Legend Virginia
Actual Hatchet used by "The Bunny Man" | Credit: KeeferC (Creative Commons)

Our next post about this infamous tale will include more details about the real stories that contribute to this long lasting legend. For now, please enjoy our reimagined story in virtual reality video, The Bunny Man Returns: Part 3!

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