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The Bunny Man Returns: Part 4

Creepy, blood-red tinged bunny suit
The Bunny Man's favorite night is Halloween...would you dare walk under The Bunny Man Bridge?

In 1970, there was yet another story of a menacing man in a bunny suit, which happened not far from the hatchet throwing incident earlier in October of that year (see Part 3 if you missed that story).

On October 29, 1970, a construction security guard named Paul Phillips was patrolling and found a man standing on the porch of an unfinished house on Guinea Road in Burke, Virginia. When Phillips confronted the man, he revealed he had an axe and began hacking away at the front porch post, yelling about the security guard being the trespasser instead of him. When Phillips reported the incident to the police, he shared perhaps the most troubling detail of all: the axe-wielding maniac was wearing a bunny costume.

Once the reports went public, the police received more than 50 calls about Bunny Man sightings -- even one of a man in a bunny suit eating a person's pet cat. Authorities investigated, but The Bunny Man disappeared without a trace, and all of the cases were closed.

One case that's not yet closed, however, is our virtual reality, 360-degree video story: The Bunny Man Returns. Enjoy Part 4 before we share the conclusion next week on The Bunny Man's very favorite day of the year: Halloween.

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