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The Bunny Man Returns: Part 5

Creepy Man Walking Away Wearing A Bunny Costume
The Bunny Man's Wait for Halloween is Over

While The Bunny Man stories of 1970 are scary, the truth is: even though they happened in the same county of Virginia as the Bunny Man Bridge is located, they did happen a bit far away from this infamous Halloween location.

So, why the connection to The Bunny Man bridge? That all goes back to the origin story of the bus crash (see Part 1 for the history). It is said that two inmates evaded capture after the 1904 bus crash: Douglas J. Grifon and Marcus Wallster. As authorities searched for them, they found many skinned, half-eaten rabbits hanging from trees. Authorities continued to look, and one day, they found the body of one of the missing inmates: Marcus Wallster. He was skinned like the rabbits, hanging from a tree, with a note attached to his foot:

You'll never find me no matter how hard you try! Signed, the Bunny Man.

When looking into Grifon's alleged history, local lore states he was in an asylum for killing his family on Easter Sunday, which really gives even more creepy insight into his obsession with bunnies. Police continued to search for this deranged killer on the loose. Some stories say he was never found and others say just as police were about to apprehend him, he threw himself in front of an oncoming train while maniacally laughing, on the railroad tracks of the Colchester Overpass: The Bunny Man Bridge.

Whether he was ever found, or not, it is said that his spirit lives on -- perhaps even as the influence for the 1970 incidents and a few creepy events at the bridge throughout the years. The main legend that perseveres through this day is that The Bunny Man chooses victims who visit the bridge at midnight on Halloween. Be sure to stay away, or be prepared!

Now that you know the history, the rumors, and the scary stories that make up The Bunny Man legend, it's time for Part 5, our final installment, of The Bunny Man Returns. The Bunny Man is certainly back this Halloween season, but will he get away with it this year?

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