NOW RENTING: Take a Virtual Ghost Tour of Alexandria, Virginia!

You may have experienced one of our in-person Ghost & Graveyard Tours in Alexandria, Virginia. Now, we're available online as a virtual reality tour as well! That's right - you can experience 360-degrees of history, folklore and some spooky tales too - all from the comfortable place of your choosing behind your laptop or VR headset!

Christmas Attic Ghost Tour Video Alexandria VA
Watch a Sample Tour: The Christmas Attic Ghost Tour

Try before you buy with our sample Christmas Attic Ghost Tour! Learn a bit of history about The Christmas Attic ghost as well as the meaning behind the phrase, "bottom's up!"

Once you've enjoyed the mini-tour, a full HD 45-minute, 360 degree tour is available to rent on Vimeo for $4.99! With multiple 18th century colonial-costumed guides and locations, you'll be fully immersed in Extraordinary Alexandria. Rentals last 48 hours, so you'll have plenty of time to watch (and re-watch, if you'd like)!

Watch an Alexandria Ghost Tour in 360 degree virtual reality
Rent the full 45-minute tour for $4.99!

If someone - or something - taps you on the shoulder while you're looking around, let us know. We'll see if our Alexandria ghosts travel through technology. Enjoy!

As always, each in-person tour is a different experience, so please join us in Alexandria, Virginia for the live event! Tickets available online.

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