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Halloween Special Events!

Zombie hiding behind a tree
Zombies Lurk Around Old Town this Halloween!

We're all about spreading the Halloween cheer throughout Old Town Alexandria and our friends at The Carlyle House are certainly in the Halloween spirit!

Friday, October 26th is shaping up to be a frightful night. We're hosting our annual Gadsby's Tavern Halloween Tour and The Carlyle House is hosting Zombie Escape!

Start your night out in Old Town with us with an historic ghost tour and then see if you can survive the zombie apocalypse with them (or vice versa of course -- we believe in your survival skills).

While joining The Carlyle House for a sneak preview to learn more about their Halloween events, things got a little -- lively -- shall we say. See what's in your Halloween future by watching our 360-degree video!

Please note that the Escape the Sanderson Witches event is already sold out, but you may sign up for a waiting list. There are still limited spaces left for the Zombie Escape and Gadsby's Tavern Halloween Tour. Get your tickets while they last!

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