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The Fish Market & Anchor Bar in Old Town Alexandria!

The Internationally Famous Fish Market has been an Old Town staple since 1976! In 2009, renovations brought out the historic charm with a modern flair.

The Fish Market Restaurant Old Town Alexandria
The Fish Market Old Town Alexandria | Photo Credit @FishMarket_VA

Join us on this 360-degree tour to take a look inside all areas of the restaurant -- as employees prepare to open on a busy Friday. Learn some of the history of the space, and even take a look behind the scenes. You will not believe just how many special areas this restaurant has from the main Anchor Bar to the Captain's Room, a great spot for private events. Stay tuned through the end for a special treat!

After you watch this video, plan your visit to enjoy the delicious food and drinks. When you go -- 21+ guests should join them for a Schooner -- their world famous, signature 32 ounce beer! Cheers!

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