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The Fateful Tour - by Meredith R.

Wind rustles through the trees

the moon glows bright,

on this dark and stormy night

What awaits us over that next hour?

Shadows come to life in the dim lanterns light?

Stories that make us shiver with fright?

We meet our guide and begin our trek

The Cobblestoned streets from days of yore

Came alive with tales of mystery and lore.

As the time slips by

We wind down Old Town’s paths

So far we’ve escaped any spirits wrath!

And just as I think we are in the clear-

A hazy figure begins to appear…

Just beyond the gates of the graveyard it rose,

We awakened it from its eternal repose!

It gazes at us , we stand in shock,

And as it began to turn our way ,

It gives a faint smile , seeming to say-

“you’re welcome here -to stroll by our stones

Learn of the secrets that each ghost here owns , and if you give us our proper due-no harm here shall come to you.”

And then with that, we are urged by our guide,

to heed the spirit’s gentle chide,

and touch the gate as we leave alone,

So no “resident’s below” will follow us home.

And with that we depart-with eerie delight-

on this eventful dark and storm night!

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